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Play Nicely - Celery, RabbitMQ & ELB Idle Timeout

14 Mar 2016 | Tagged with Python, AWS, Celery,

When RabbitMQ and Celery are behind an Elastic Load Balancer, problems occur when ELB sends TCP connections to your EC2 instances. In a normal request/response cycle, the ELB keeps the connection open for a short time afterwards (default is 60 seconds). Known as the 'idle timeout', under certain circumstances, Celery won't be notified that the connection is closed.

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Part 2: Django on AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Docker

20 Dec 2015 | Tagged with Django, Docker, AWS,

So far you've learned some of the fundamentals of deploying a Django site to AWS using a Dockerfile. In this tutorial you're going to learn about the Docker command line by creating your own image from a boilerplate template, pushing your image to a public repository (Docker Hub) and have Beanstalk run your pre-built image as a container on an EC2 instance.

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